Small Glass Top Table - Antique White Round Dining Table.

Small Glass Top Table

small glass top table

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New Life

New Life

These are peat pots for planting seeds into seedlings. They come in a peat pellet small and flat, it has all the dirt and nutrients for a seed to survive and grow. All you do is add some warm water and watch it expand to look like this. You then put in the seeds, put in a warm spot and watch life come to be.

My son and I set off for this project yesterday. These are on our rather dusty glass top dining table. He helped me line them up by the window. We planted broccoli, green onions, lettuce, sweet peas, as well as calendulas and snapdragons. I'll keep you all updated with more photos.

Thanks so much for all the GREAT answers! And the winner is...Bokchoyboy who was the first to answer, got it right, but was kind enough to keep it to himself. You're too sweet Gordon. :)

Glass Table

Glass Table

This is one of my first experiments with digital modeling software. it consists of a small glass topped table with cast iron legs and some cross- beam supports.

small glass top table

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